Bringing Wedge to Spring Lake Camp

Cal Poly Pomona students went camping last weekend at Spring Lake to evaluate camp sites where Wedge cabins will be included.  Spring Lake Camp, located near the city of Santa Rosa in Sonoma County, California, has ordered three Wedge cabins, to be delivered late this summer. The students are enrolled in an ARC499 workshop class with a focus on bringing the Wedge design to Spring Lake. The class, which consists of students from architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning, are developing site designs for the Spring Lake campsites as well as customizing the design of the Wedge cabin to meet the needs of the campground.

During their visit, students explored the campground and nearby recreational land around the lake. They also took measurements of the campsites to help with the development of site plans. In collaboration with Sonoma County officials, the students determined the most suitable location for the Wedge cabins at each site, taking into account sun exposure, wind patterns, ADA requirements, and the user experience of potential campers. Spring Lake Camp hopes the inclusion of Wedge cabins will help bring in new groups of people who might not be regular campers or have all the gear usually required to camp.