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Collection of press reports on The Revamp the Camp Project

Imperial Valley News, July 10, “California State Parks Unveils Exhibit at the 2014 California State Fair”

Polycentric, July 16, “Architecture Grad Students Reimagine the Cabin”

FOX-TV, July 16,¬†“Camping Out in Style in California Parks”

KRCA-TV, July, 24, “College students create new cabins for California parks”

Sacramento Bee, July 24, “AM Alert: Obama wraps up California travels”

Sacramento Bee, July 25, “Revamp your camp: State Fair entries show how”

Capitol Radio, July 28, “Insight: The Political Junkie Goes West / California State Parks / Sacramento Sea Food / Les Miserables”

The Associated Press, Aug. 23, “California camping gets a twist with cabin concept”

LA Curbed, Aug. 27, “Here’s the New State Parks Cabin Designed to Attract Millenials”

Curbed, Aug. 28, “Here’s a Sharp Cabin Designed to Make State Parks Cool Again”

PSFK, Aug. 29, “Cal Poly Pomona Architecture Students Aim to Revitalize Camping”

Mother Nature Network, Aug. 29, “Sleek, slanted-roof cabin wants to woo new generation of California campers”

PolyCentric, Sept. 2, “Student-Designed Cabin on Display at L.A. County Fair”

Dwell, Sept. 15, “Modern Prefab Cabins for California State Parks”

Gizmag, Sept. 22, “Students rethink California¬†“Parkitecture”

PolyCentric, Sept. 24, “ENV Students to be Honored at Cal Poly Pomona Day at Fair for Cabin Design”


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